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FAQ for Vessel Owner

FAQ for Vessel Owners 


Can I pay by the month?

No. In an effort to keep costs  low for our clients  we can only accept annual contracts for our software as a service (SaaS).


Is there a risk-free trial period?

Risk free trial period

Yes. We will not invoice the service until after the Overboard Solutions MobileApp has been installed on your vessel for a full calendar month. If you are not satisfied with the service within the first three calendar months, we will refund any SaaS fees.


An example: Your service provider goes aboard your vessel and sets up the MobileApp and turns it over to your crew on December 10th. We will not invoice your vessel for the SaaS until February 1st, after it has been aboard your vessel and your crew has used it for the month of January.  If you are not satisfied for any reason and let us know before April 1st, we will refund any monies paid to Overboard Solutions for the Safety Management SaaS.


How is my crew trained on the Overboard Solutions Safety Management System?

The Overboard Solutions Safety Management System software was designed to be intuitive for individuals that have completed US Coast Guard Drill Conductor certification training. The service provider that performs the MobileApp set-up will train the captain and crew how to use the software after the SMS MobileApp is populated with your vessel’s equipment.


Does Overboard Solutions provide customer service?

We will respond to any questions sent to within 24 hours. We man our phones from 0900 – 1200 & 1300 – 1700 eastern time. Most service providers will also be happy to answer questions as you get started with the Safety Management Platform.


May I use my own service provider to set-up the Mobile-App and WebApp?

Absolutely! We encourage you to work with the service provider (surveyor, drill conductor or inspector) who you are comfortable with and who know your vessel best. We have developed the platform for the participation of all safety management professionals. The service provider will have to be given access to your vessel or fleet of vessels on the WebApp before starting. We can help you give access to your service provider(s) during set-up.


What are the other costs associated with the Safety Management Platform?


Apple iPad (7th generation) 128GB Wi-Fi -                                                         $429.00

Apple Care - 2 year plan                                                                                            $69.00

iPad case and/or kiosk                                                                          $130.00 - $250.00 


Vessel set-up and user training - 2 to 8 hour per vessel dependent on vessel size

System set-up and staff training - 2 to 4 hours per company

(Services are performed by the surveyors or safety management professionals you already know and trust. If your surveyor, drill conductor or other safety professional isn't yet an Overboard Solutions Service Provider, have them get in touch with us today!)


Content providers have the opportunity to put their paid content on the platform. Prices vary.

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